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Fabrication is the process of bringing together steel parts and assembling, or fabricating, something out of the parts. Since welding is only one step of the process of fabrication, it is helpful to understand the entire fabrication process. Tradespeople who identify as metal fabricators generally concern themselves with metal cutting, machining, and/or bending. The fabrication process often begins by cutting sheets of metal down to the appropriate size. Fabrication requires a variety of different equipment, including saws, laser cutters, plasma torches, Bending machines, lathes, shears, etc. Most metal fabrication tools have a tabletop nature. In other words, fabricators place the metal on the relevant tool, and then carefully manipulate the tool in order to accomplish the desired task. Welding has a very different strategy. While welders do require stationary tools, welders mainly perform the welding process itself by hand. the complexity of the welding process often requires more specialized practitioners. Without intense practice, a welder simply would not be able to create strong or neat welds. With creating high-performance metal products, only a welder with years of experience can operate with the necessary degree of skill and precision. At the end of the day, all welding techniques have the same goal, which is to permanently bond different metal pieces. Metal fabrication, by contrast, encompasses many different metalworking strategies — welding included. In other words, you must understand fabrication as more of a holistic process. Fabrication begins with layout and design, as engineers determine how to build a particular structure or component. Designers must concern themselves with things like layout creation, as well as the cutting, machining, and forming of metal parts. In most cases, fabricators use numerous different tools and techniques in order to fabricate a particular metal product.

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At Dynamic Mobile Welding, we know your time is a precious commodity. We strive to provide quality service on your schedule and where you need it. Don’t waste your time looking for a repair shop that will take weeks to complete a repair. We can complete any repair or fabrication job on your site, in a fraction of the time required by most repair shops. We specialize in aluminum welding, custom fabrication, and tractor/trailer repair.


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